Hello there! I'm glad you're here! This is definitely a "mommy blog," so you if you poke around a bit, you will find mostly birth stories, motherly musings, and tales of my messy attempts at living an authentically Catholic life in a post-Christian world. I began this blog in 2013, though my very first attempt was in 2009. Over the years the blog has gone through more ebbs than flows, and I imagine that will be the predominant pattern through the remainder of my parenting in "the little years." This blog is part journal and part family scrapbook, and while I write mostly for myself, its much more fun to write for an "audience". So audience, here is your cast of characters to get you up to speed. 

I'm Jenny, the mama and author extraordinaire.  I'm energetic and fun-loving, though these days I lose steam more quickly than I used to. Evidently seven years of cycling between pregnancy and nursing will do that to even the most spirited among us. Or maybe its having four kids. Or being over 30. Or all of the above. Anyway, I love being outside, reading, and going on adventures, and I practically live for my biweekly meetings with my best girl friends.

This is Caleb, my level-headed, ever steady, always rational better half. He is hard-working and mellow, and our relationship is proof that opposite attract. He calms me down, and I light a fire under his ass.  Caleb enjoys energy-conserving behavior, hunting, and bourbon, and he is not a fan of disorder and inefficiency.  Before kids, and really before "us", Caleb was into riding dirt bikes, and though he has taken more than a decade off, this hobby is making a slight comeback thanks to older-ish kids and a second-hand 50.

Mia is our first born and fits all of the birth order stereotypes. She is sassy and strong-willed, and her interests include riding horses, drawing, playing on the Gorilla Gym, and bossing Adam and Olivia around. She is absolutely not a fan of people challenging her agenda.

Olivia is our #2 daughter, #2 child, and she is extremely sociable and determined. She enjoys talking to everyone she encounters, snuggling, singing, and dancing, and she is not a fan of turning off the tv. (Its not on all that much, promise. She just pitches a fit every. time.)

Next comes Adam, our firstborn son. He is a total wild man who thinks he's one of the big kids.  Adam spends his days keeping up with the girls and getting naked, and he hates being reminded that he is only two.

Joey (JoeJoe, Baby Joey, Juicy Joey) is our current caboose. He's generally a happy baby, but very particular. Joey's interests include nursing, nursing and then promptly spitting up, holding my hand while nursing, rolling over, and smiling.

How we became the Templetons:
Caleb and I met on the beach in 2003. He was the chair rental guy, and I thought he had a cute butt. We were very young, fairly non-religious, and completely crazy. Through the prayers of our mommies (I'm sure), we came back to Christ, Caleb came into the Church in 2007, and were married in the summer of 2008.

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