if only that ice cream was a beer...
Jenny (the mama)
Nickname: The Boss
Temperament traits: energetic and fun-loving
Interests: playing with the kids, being outside, reading, going on adventures
Not a fan of: household chores
Favorite pre-kid hobby: rock climbing
Theme song: "Livin on a Prayer" -JBJ

Caleb (my level-headed, ever steady, always rational better half)
Nickname: The King, aka King Daddy
Temperament traits: hard working and mellow
Interests: energy-conserving behavior, gardening, golf, hunting
Not a fan of: disorder and inefficiency
Favorite pre-kid hobby: riding dirt bikes
Theme song: "Chicken Fried" -Zac Brown

Mia (the first born)
Nickname: Crazy Girl
Temperament traits: energetic and strong-willed
Interests: running full-tilt 24/7, bossing Olivia around, acting as Adam's other mother, and watching Peppa Pig
Not a fan of: obeying the first time
Theme song: "Wild One"- Faith Hill
Olivia (the middle child)
Nickname: Me Too
Temperament traits: sweet and determined
Interests: copycatting Mia, snuggling, making people laugh, singing, and dancing
Not a fan of: whispering during Mass
Theme song: "Shake Your Booty"- KC and the Sunshine Band

Adam (the baby)
Nickname: Brother
Temperament traits: happy and interested
Interests: being held, watching his sisters
Not a fan of: being put down, sleeping through the night
Theme song: "Upside Down"- Jack Johnson

How we became the Templetons:
Caleb and I met on the beach in 2003. He was the chair rental guy, and I thought he had a cute butt. We were very young, fairly non-religious, and completely crazy. Through the prayers of our mommies (I'm sure), we came back to Christ, Caleb came into the Church in 2007, and were married in the summer of 2008.

Oh yeah... and then there's this guy... 
I'm eagerly awaiting the day that he goes to "sit in Jesus's lap," but until then I'm embracing every opportunity he provides to grow in patience and selflessness, one hair and pile of vomit at a time.

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