Thursday, August 13, 2015

You are not a mess, you are mine

My kitchen sink is FULL of dishes. There are weeks worth of clean/clean-ish clothes piled on my dresser, and my suitcase from our trip last week is still full of clothes. I was late for Mia's orientation day today and got called out for it by some random administrator (because apparently tardiness is just not tolerated in four year olds on their not-even-real-first-day. Whatever.), and I even tanked at my own blogging challenge.

As I walked into my dirty kitchen with the intention to get a drink and then walk right back out, dishes untouched, to play with the baby, I heaved a huge sigh as loads of negative thoughts flooded my mind in an instant: "You are such a mess. You can't do anything right. You still can't get this time management thing down. What do you DO with all your time?! Your husband is gonna be ticked..." And on and on. But through all that noise I heard Truth speak, "Don't talk like that about My beloved child! You are my beloved daughter. You are not a mess, you are Mine."

He's speaking to you too.


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    1. Something freaked out with my computer and I apparently deleted the string of heart emojis I posted. Anyway, I love this. And you.

  2. So beautiful, this post, you, all of it!