Friday, August 7, 2015


11 months... It had been 11 months since I last posted anything, and then I spouted off with some ridiculous junk about how much I love green tea because coffee makes me sweat. Nothing but the best here y'all.

There's something about summer that makes me want to bear my soul to the masses, or maybe I just need to escape the four walls of our sauna/playroom and it's too damn hot to go outside and I have too many kids and it's too exhausting to actually go anywhere so I escape to the recesses of the blog to do some creative writing. But whatever the momentary reason for writing, I love reading though old posts to see what I got right or what a moron I was or what I STILL HAVEN'T LEARNED. [Exhibit A: for the third year in a row I should get the award for overscheduling summer vacations (2013, 2014, 2015 recap to come).] In the "moron" category, I especially love the story about "empty threats parenting" which I won't even link to because it is too embarrassing but it is already out there and shows me how much I have grown along with my children.

Anyway, after essentially two years of radio silence, I am challenging myself to seven days of posting. I hope to feed my soul by creating something lasting and to provide material for comic relief for my future self. So friends, if you've neglected your blog for while, please join me in the challenge! I love reading your stuff. (I'm cyberstaring at you Layla.)

And because no post is complete without pictures...
From the cutting room floor:
Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A
When did Mia turn 13?

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  1. Whatevs. I think my last emo blog vomit is enough for a while, but you know I'm powerless against your peer pressure. I'll start tomorrow. Maybe.

    I love that lil' sass pants!