Saturday, August 8, 2015

"It's like you're drowning and then someone hands you a baby."

Jim Gaffigan made the above comment about having his fourth child, but it seems like three kids was my tipping point. In fact, I have actually used the word "drowning" more than once in the last couple months to describe how I feel. As I was recently explaining to someone close to me the challenges of having three children, she asked mostly innocently if I regretted having a third child or if I wished there had been more space between the last two. I understand how this is a legitimate question, but my response was something along the lines of *WTF?! No, I don't regret it and I would do it again in a heart beat and God willing I probably will.* Because the truth is that in all the chaos of the last 4 months (yes, Adam is 8 months old, but the first few months were s m o o t h sailing), I have never once thought, "Oh why did we have another baby?" or "Man I wish we had waited another [pick a number] of months." With each of our children, Caleb and I prayerfully discerned that we were in a place to accept more children if that was God's will, and after several months He took us up on the offer.

Because here's the thing: just because something is HARD doesn't mean it is BAD. So yes, I am overwhelmed and there is an inherent difficulty in raising children (any number of children) in this day and time, but this...
...and this...
are not bad. Not bad at all. 

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