Sunday, December 15, 2013

Party Tardy

With the holidays and the girls' birthdays all happening within a month, I had the questionable idea to have a joint birthday party on Olivia's birthday and then a smaller something special for Mia's birthday.

Olivia got a cold for her birthday complete with low-grade fever, but we gave her Advil, warned our friends, and carried on as planned.
On her birthday. Can you see the sick eyes?
She gagged a little at dinner which I blew off on being a baby with drainage, but when it was cupcake time, the gag turned into an actual upchuck. A typical Templeton, she ralphed and rallied, so after getting cleaned up and changed, Livi happily watched Mia open all their presents.

The rest of the weekend looked a lot like this
since the cold went into an ear infection and her fever spiked to just shy of 104. Nothing a gallon of amoxicillin can't cure. 

Now for the syrupy photo narrative of all things Olivia.
^We loved you, but you were not the cutest newborn.

^Mia liked you too.

^By 6 weeks the cute was coming out.

^And at three months, we had firmly established your title as Cutest Baby on the Planet.

^At six months your silly little personality started to peek out.

^And at 9 months your title was officially changed to Smiliest Baby on the Planet.

^Now at one year old, people can't stop talking about your eyelashes, your dimples, and your smile.

In fact, just today a lady called us into her office at a funeral home (for Judge Baker; rest in peace) to show you to her mother. She couldn't get over how petite you were, especially to see you walking so steadily and speedily, grinning all the time of course.

Olivia, you are a precious blessing, and I thank God every day for the gift of your life.

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