Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Olivia turned 1! And we did some other stuff too.

Hi there! Its good to see you after all this time! Glad you still remembered how to find me. We've been a bit busy lately, so I've had less time than usual to contemplate my naval and write about it. Darn. So... please sit back and fall asleep while I talk about what's been keeping me so occupied.

A. Rachel's wedding
Oh my gosh, y'all... she was such a beautiful bride! Did I even need to say that? She's gorgeous anyways. Everything went amazingly smoothly, and even Mia and Weston did their flower girl and ring bearer jobs without so much as a sip of whine. 

the honorary flower girl-
she didn't get to actually go down the aisle
The prep and logistics were kinda tricky with two littles and ALL of our family being out of the running for child care. We wore out several babysitters in the days leading up to and the two days of festivities, but they all lived to hand over the baby goats and sit another day.

2. The new job. In case we're not friends IRL and you unfortunately staggered into my virtual world, I tutor unsuspecting students in math and physics. I love it, and it has been an unexpectedly easy transition for the most part. But... I've been spending a lot of time relearning trig functions and the laws of motion, and oh Lord I'm a nerd cuz I love every geeky minute of calculator punching and number crunching.

D. Feeding the frenzy of Fertility Freakout 2013

Even Pampers thinks I'm ready for another
I've already lamented here that I always want to be pregnant, but each time each girl has approached her first birthday, the intensity of that desire shoots stratospheric. Not to mention that everyone else I know is pregnant (and in my world, everyone means 2 or more), so I have a serious and chronic case of womb envy. Forget that I'm living the NFP dream of having kids naturally well-spaced and giving my body fully to the nursing baby for at least a year, my gut reaction of "I want, I want, I want" trumps most logic most days. So in addition to my feverish prayers for deliverance from my psychosis, I busted out the lated monitor to chart my non-cycles per dear ole Marquette. *Low, low, low. YOURE NOT FERTILE JUST DEAL WITH IT ALREADY*

D2. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was good. Caleb had to work- which is my #1 gripe with his hospital job- but the girls and I rallied for a daddyless day with the family. We spent the morning at Gran Marty and Temp's for the Boulevard Bolt and brunch

and spent the afternoon at Hannah's for more eating and playing.
Full bellies + family = happy day

And finally-- birthday! Hmmm, my superb mothering skills suggest that at the very least I give Olivia her own first birthday blog post, so stay tuned! Later gator taters!

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