Sunday, December 29, 2013

A covered Christmas

Mia turned 3 on Monday, December 16. Aunt Ray Ray and Uncle Russell bravely took her to see Frozen in the theaters which was only her second movie ever, but of course my little couch potato did great. Since I had to work on her actual birthday and we had already had her party, we ate chili and cake after the movie and that was that. On the 19th I took Mia for her 3 year well check and Livi for her 1 year vaccines since she was too sick to get them before. Both girls were healthy as ponies at the check up, but a precise 48 hours later the beastly bugs from the doctor's office incubated into a ferocious like-the-flu but not flu virus. I figured the virus would just run its course, so I busted out the humidifier, Advil, and coffee and settled in for a long winter's illness. Mia would run in circles every morning and collapse every afternoon. Three days later she was still running a fever but it was Christmas Eve and we aaaaalways go to Mass together on Christmas Eve. So like insensitive boneheads we crammed ourselves into the pew with all the regulars and Chr'Easters, and then went on to find other inhabitable bodies for Mia's bugs at PawPaw and Tutu's Christmas party. About 10 minutes into the party Mia starting completely falling apart. She was burning hot so I zipped home to get the ibuprofen, and while I was gone she puked on their couch. Exit stage left. But I did get this super adorable picture of Livi Lou.

The next day? Same song, identical dance. Except this time I was double teamed by sickies as Olivia came down with the plague.
Sick 1 and Sick 2
I had juuust gotten Livi off of her antibiotics for the ear infection and was trying to wean her by New Years, but I can't wean a sick baby! Mia was still scorching on Thursday, day 5, so I took her back to the doctor. Her flu test was negative so it was probably "just a virus," though pneumonia did get thrown around as a potential diagnosis. Olivia is on day 4 and is unsurprisingly still running 102 fevers, so Dr. Long will get to see my lovely mug first thing Monday if Livi's fever stays up. I feel like I'm never gonna wean her, but somehow the monitor read high today for the first time in 2 years.

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