Saturday, November 2, 2013

Updates for Anna

My husband startlingly suggested that we limit our screen-staring time when the kids are around, and I happily hopped on that hayride. I'm loving the freedom from snapping frivolous photogs and blogging the boring, so this may be the beginning of the end of this endeavor- cuz if I can't write about meaningless minutia, then why even bother. But in the meantime...

Last Friday was Caleb's birthday. His 31st birthday! ;) *Grin goes the woman still in her 20's*
We celebrated with dinner at Outback since Caleb likes his meat with a side of meat. Most of the meal was sub par, but his steak was perfecto and the sangria was celestial, so we went home happy. Since I kinda snubbed the birthday boy on gifts, here's a tribute to the man of last month.

Four things I love about Caleb (4 because 31 is too many and 3+1=4?)
1) He's clever and hilarious
2) He can open a pop top with whatever item is closest by- his ring, a lighter, a pen, his teeth (j/k)...
3) He's a grill masta'
4) He likes camo and hates sleeves
4) He'll beat the brown out of anyone who messes with his women

Mia was sick for most of the week. You couldn't really tell until the afternoons when she would spike a fever and fall apart. Most of the time she ran around like her normal crazy self and sat waaay to close to Olivia. I'm still waiting on baby girl to catch the plague.

We carved pumpkins on Wednesday night, and Mia whined to go inside the entire time. Ok, false. She was cool at first when I let her paint the pumpkin...

Livi painted with her belly. Nuthin' but class here.

And then ditched Caleb when he started carving. She wanted to watch Rapunzel instead.
Remember JT's Message Board Business? Well, chickity check this out.
My talented hubby and his dad made this! I ripped off the idea from my SIL's in-laws, looked for some overpriced inspiration on Etsy, and submitted the plans to JT n' Son's. An hour and a can of spray paint later, I have the perfect piece of entry way decor. Its filling up fast, but I'm especially excited to put all my Christmas cards on it.

In other news... part time job, work weekend, Fall party, Craigslist sales, Livi's walking, finally got a tooth. The End.

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