Friday, October 18, 2013

Seven Kinda Quick Recaps

Lately I've been blogging with the consistency of day-old oatmeal. Be it complete coincidence or subconscious control, Friday tends to be my blogging catch up day, so true to follower form I'm linking up with Jen once again.

1. Yard Sale
Eh... we made less than I was hoping for but enough to feel like it was worth the effort. We're selling some of the leftovers on Craigslist, so we still have a few extra dollars rolling in.

^^Rachel and Roscoe were our best and unarguably best-dressed customers. #fannypacks.
^^I was so grateful for Caleb's willing presence- scaring off thieves with his bad-A camo pants and whatnot. And Livi's black Vandy onesie was an interesting sociological experiment- all the men called her a boy, but all the women noticed the pink flowery shoes and correctly identified her as a HER.

2. Rachie's bachelorette!
Love my siturs
Yard sale Saturday night was Rachel's bachelorette bonanza! Though I haughtily claimed to be too grannamushka for that type of thing, I blew the bulk of our recently acquired cash bundle and had a blast. *Chug-chug-chew-sip-shoot-chug*

3. Alabama birthday weekend

Aside from a few dare-to-dream details, the trip could not have gone better. We had a great time.
Friday night we had a ginormous group of seventeen at Boo at the Zoo.
Betty looks a little scared, but I think his tractor's sexy
(photo cred goes to Anna)
Sweet little Rose
(also courtesy of ASP)
Not so sure about this face painting thing
My sweet punkin
(thanks Anna)
Saturday morning we went to the Homestead Hollow Arts and Craft fair. Regretfully, I walked away empty handed, but Mia had the time of her life for this month riding in a wagon and, of course, taking a pony ride.
It was wonderful to spend so much time with good friends and family.
such a great daddy
4. Ohhh-livia
Well, this little slowski has yet to cut a tooth. The crankiness last week was a total false alarm. She has, however, taken on the role of stair master which prompted the purchase of two new baby gates. She's also balancing very steadily, and as of Wednesday she decided to speak. Livi now says dada, mama, baba, wawa, and all the other blah blah blah words. I think she's gonna be that kid who waits until she's good and got it before she does anything.

5. A day in the life of this pet owner
7 AM- Step in cat shat while putting breakfast on the table. Clean up crap. Disinfect foot.
7:15- Harley barfs on kitchen floor. Throw paper towels on top to deal with later.
7:45- Notice Harley barf in our bedroom. Close door. Ignore barf.
8:00- Nurse the baby. Warn Mia not to step in kitchen barf.
8:05- Mia runs through the kitchen and slips on the barf. Wails, gnashes teeth. I stop nursing the baby to help Mia.
8:07-Finally clean up kitchen puke.
8:10-8:39- Continue to ignore bedroom barf.
8:40- Finally clean up bedroom barf. Leave paper towels on top.
8:45- Go get dressed. Set Livi on our bedroom floor. Livi eats puke towels.

6. I was wogging this morning *Oh my gosh, is she talking about running again?!* when Layla called and saved me from myself. With very little convincing, I 180'ed it around, transferred the girls from stroller to car seats, and hightailed it to the park. After an hour of constant Mia monitoring, the six of us tripped it to Costco, picked up some essentials and some impulsives, and then had a delicious and nutritious lunch. It was a fun little unexpected adventure.

7. Caleb is sick and sleeping, so I'm watching the series finale of What Not To Wear. Its amazing and kind of very emotional. I only wish I had a large glass of wine to go with it.

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  1. Shopping enabler fail on my part that you didn't have wine. I knew I should have marched you over to package store.