Sunday, September 29, 2013

In which I fuss about fall, fashion, and finances

Transitional seasons are the worst, or maybe its just the transitions OF seasons that I hate. The weather is pleasant this time of year, but the inconsistent temperatures never cease to confound this human of habit. Early fall mornings in Nashville start in the upper 50's but creep up to the 80's before you know why you're sweating. When I went for my run Friday morning I had Olivia decked out in a sweatshirt and hat, but a short 2 1/2 hours later the girls were shirtless playing in the water table. Retail stores and consignment sales are pushing cold weather clothes, but here in the deep South it will be November before we can comfortably wear most of that fluff. The girls are busting out of their warm weather garb, but we still need the function of short sleeves. 
This outfit nails the need.
Great... I only need 6 more just like it.
Nutshell version: I don't know how to dress my kids this time of year! Hell, I don't know how to dress myself this time of year!

The Friday before last, Nonnie took the girls shopping, and though I'm grateful, it only served to inflame my fashion freak out. I'll spare you the transcript of the internal torment that played through my head for a few days following, but the end result was this: "LET'S HAVE A YARD SALE AND SELL OUR EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF CRAP!!!!"

So... I have spent the last 7 days going through e.v.e.r.y  room, closet, cabinet, shelf, box, bag, and bin and gathered an impressive pile of junk that's currently cluttering the living room.
Our sale is this Saturday, so I have five days to get this jazz priced and organized. My awesome sister-in-law who has slightly more than my zero yard sale experience has been giving me tips and is gonna be there for the sale too. I'm saying some prayers that we rake in the jingle jangle, because our bank account is getting pretty skinny and we've had a few things break: the light fixture in the playroom, the baby gate by the stairs, Caleb's car... But even if the sale is a bust, I have another fool-proof plan to pad our pockets. Stay tuned for details of JT's Message Board Business.

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