Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Favorites: more rant, less rave

Since it's been four days since I last dazzled the audience with my profundity, quality be damned, its time for an update. For actual worthwhile reading, go ahead and skip on over to Hallie's.

1. Mia went back to school today after nearly 6 weeks off, and with her return, preschool days got promoted from love/hate to love/love.
 I am such a professional photographer! *SNORT*
Of course I still miss my little girl and wonder how she's doing and if she needs me, but I am a much better mommy when we have just a little bit of space from one another. As the current caboose in a long line of strong-willed Polish women, Mia has generations to thank for her sass and spunk, and I can only point fingers at my own (and my mother's and my grandmother's) crazed tendencies when I wonder where in the H-bomb this relentless little person came from. 
2. I bought an Ergo on Sunday! I'm not ready to commit to calling it my favorite, we need a little more time together, but I do like it. And so far it has well served the purposes for which it was purchased. I'm pretty ticked though because I got totally ripped off! I found it on Craigslist where it was listed for less than retail, but once I got it home I found the original price tag from TJ Maxx, and I overpaid by THIRTY FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS! So... was the seller an immoral thief or is that just shrewd business? (Yes, the real question is whether or not I can upsell a TJ Maxx Ergo to make a little green myself.)
I've given two shout outs to this guy in comments in the last couple weeks, so he's obviously due his own line item. I have read from four out of five of his series, and though I am fairly unskilled in describing why I appreciate a piece of literature, his books are charming. Totally, completely, undeniably, all-encompassingly charming. And it's light reading without being banal or insulting to your intelligence.
4. Yesterday was a really tough day. There were a lot of tears, several tantrums, and one loudly raised mommy voice. All day long I was unsettled and agitated, and judging by her behavior Mia felt the same. I kept blaming her bad attitude for my bad attitude (FAIL!!), but finally as I was falling asleep it hit me-- if I'm tired and cranky from our over-filled days and late nights, then surely my preschooler will be too. Her behavior is just a 2-year-old's way of saying, "Dangit Mom, I'm overwhelmed and I need some down time." You got it, babe.
5. Olivia slept through the night the last two nights! This is of course following a night where she was awake from 10-3 and in which I formulated a blog post entitled "The Agony in the Nursery", so maybe she's just making up for lost zzz's... But regardless, we're on the right track.

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  1. What a ripoff!!! I'm really annoyed at that seller, too...