Monday, September 16, 2013

And we're back!

The recent break in blogging was brought to you in part by "what the hell was I thinking scheduling three week-long vacations this summer" and the corporation for "I'm eating my words with a side of what I had said was."

Back in February when I was restless, optimistic, delusional, and freezing, the thought of a September beach vacation was pure ecstasy. Cut to the first of September after two other trips to the beach, a wedding in Louisiana, and three lake trips, and my travel tank was overflowing. But oh my sh**, Caleb still had another week of vacation that we planned to take with his sister and her family. Despite my big talk, I actually function better with simplicity and routine, so the entire week before we left my attitude was so glowing I was thinking of formally changing my name to Oscar. I typically only accomplish one or two productive things a day, aside from keeping the kids alive, so the tankers full of time we had already burned by traveling had put me too far behind to cope with the idea of more time away with any semblance of grace. But annnyways, we had the plans, Caleb had the time off, so vacationing we went. For lotsa reasons the beach in particular didn't pan out, so we decided to go to the lake instead.

The first weekend we went to Poppee's lake house and took the fattest baby in the world.
He was thoughtful, and let his parents come too. Olivia decided that sleep is for suckers and that the pack 'n play was invented by the devil, so we slept a total of ~10 hours over the three nights we were there.
at 9 and 12 and 1:30 and 2:30 and 5:30...
You can imagine that my sunshiny disposition was greatly improved by lack of sleep, but drinking beer with some of our best good friends and shredding on the ski made it all worthwhile.


We came back to Nashville for exactly 48 hours to try to fend off a tri-female meltdown, and then drove down to Uncle Wes's lake house. The sleep sitch wasn't a whole better, but we muscled through with coffee and adrenaline.

photo cred: Mama P
another Paula shot
On Friday we watched Aunt Bev break steers. Mia got to ride a horse by herself, and I have never seen her happier.
watching the calf roping with cuzzy wuzzy Weston

Aunt Rachel, Uncle Russell, and Nonnie came down for the weekend, and early Sunday we all headed for home.

I'm definitely feeling the crushing weight of my to-do list magnified by the glory of re-entry, but even though it was tough, I had fun on our trip(s). But. But... if we are so blessed with another summer of the infant, I think we'll dial back the travel just a boatload.

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  1. bahahaha! i'm glad you survived and can totally relate to the not-sleeping-on-vacation thing. glad you're back!