Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes with Snails

I have two sleeping children right now! (Revision: I had two sleeping children for about 20 blissful minutes.) Since our last quest, Olivia has insisted on being rocked to comatose before being laid down and then requires that I perform full-strength CPR compressions on her mattress until she's good and non-responsive. Glad all that work buys me a 30 minute nap and a still grumpy baby. Time for sleep re-training.
I just finished reading Jim Gaffigan's book Dad is Fat. I laughed, I related, I liked. Some parts were unremarkable, but it was an easy read and I laughed out loud a lot. Thank you Sid for introducing me to Jim Gaffigan instead of helping me with my finance homework during grad school.
Mia made a "snail habitat" yesterday.

The kid loves slimy creatures; snails, worms, fish... She wanted to buy a tank for the snails and keep them in the house, but I told her they had to go back to their mommy and daddy so she was magnanimous and let them crawl away.
Every time, EVERY TIME, I leave Livi in the playroom for more than 10 seconds this is what I find,
Reason #137 why I despise having pets. And she's figured out how to climb up the stairs. I've tried to block it off, but she has the uncanny ability to ninja around any barrier I put up.

I succumbed to the 'Gram (@jenntemp18) because I really needed another piece of social media to entice me into taking more unnecessary pictures of my kids.

I love Old Navy's Rockstar jeans. I have a black pair and just bought a dark wash pair. And they're on sale for $19 right now!
On Jen's theme song question: In my bio, I claim "Livin' on a Prayer". (Please enjoy the '80's hair.) I'm not sure if I actually think the song fits or if it just makes me crack up, but I am surely living on a prayer, so, yeah. For you curious minds, I'm an ENFJ.

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  1. I need to go find you on Instagram now. I'm cs22579.

  2. Instagram is the only reason I want a smart phone! Some day I know my dumb phone will finally bite the dust, but I'm resisting as long as possible...

    And the twins just started climbing stairs - it's the worst!

  3. i am obsessed with instagram to the point where i think i need an intervention. you'll love it! :)