Thursday, August 15, 2013

Twice unprepared

I really should write about our lake trip, but because it was long and wonderful and exhausting and I took like a billion pictures it will take me about nine years to coherently unpack all that excitement into an acceptable format and because I'm in a really funky funkity funk and because I feel the imaginary and irrational pressure to just update the blog already, y'all get this instead...

Have y'all seen that Luvs commercial that shows a mama packing up ALL the baby junk in the world to go out with her first baby but then all she grabs is a diaper once she has her second kid? Well, I've sorta become that mom. I rarely check what's in the diaper bag and sometimes I don't even bring it (mostly because I just forgot). I try to have an extra set of undies and pants for Mia, but having extra pants does no good if she's wearing a dress and the dress gets wet... like today.

Since my kids get up with the chickens, we went to 6:30 Mass this morning, and I was going to take the girls to "Chicka-full-A" for breakfast afterward. Mia needed to potty before we drove over, but Caleb had gone on to work as soon as Mass was over so that left me to do potty duty on my own with both kids. And I'm still figuring out how to do that. So... we went into the biggest stall and I sat Livi on the ground as FAAAAR away from the potty as possible (judge away, be grossed out, whatever) and then went to hold Mia on the potty. Mia reminded me that she can balance by herself, so I left her to it and turned my back to pick up Olivia. Then SPLASH! "Ahhh, Mom! HEEELP! I FELL IN!!" *Oh dear Lord, please no.* But, alas, yes, Mia's tiny hiney (along with a good portion of her dress) was submerged in the toilet. Almost in tears, I pulled her out and frantically racked my brain for what to do. My child is soaked in pee-pee water, I have no extra clothes, and we're going to breakfast. Do I take her dress off and let her be in just panties? Should we go home before CFA to get a change of clothes even though she'll totally freak out? etc, etc. I didn't like any of my rational choices, so I just squeezed most of the water out with LOTS of paper towels, gave everyone a good round of hand sanitizer, and off to breakfast we charged.
"Oh no you dit-uhn!"
Yes, yes I did. Because such is life with "Mommy Jenny".

Bonus story: About a month ago I was at Target with Livi and she had a HUGE, unrecoverable blow out (not just a "spot clean with a wipey" leak). Of course I had no extra clothes for her, so instead of going home (or even buying a clearance outfit) I walked her around the store only in a diaper. Blessedly, she was in the Bjorn and was therefore mostly covered, but I got some funny looks. Half the people giggled and told me how cute she was and the other half gave me a reproachful "I'm going to call child services" look. As I was standing in the checkout line, an about-10-year-old-girl not so whispered to her mom, "Mom, that baby's NAKED!" Her sweet mama just laughed and confirmed that sometimes you just do what you have to do.

"I'm happier naked."

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  1. Absolutely loved that story! Thanks for being candid and sharing these stories! I'm laughing with you! I've had moments like these as well! =) We truly do what we have to do and remain cool, calm, and flexible! You're a great mama!