Monday, August 19, 2013

Successes! (And failures...)

Success: All before 10:30 this morning I: fed the girls, fed myself, got the 3 of us dressed, took a run, took a shower, and vacuumed the back half of the house! (I set that bar in the sky, yeah?)
Good lookin' outfit Mia.
You and Cecilia should have a style-off.
Failure: decided that my early success allowed for complete laziness thereafter. We did early lunch, early naps, and I did absolutely nothing productive while the girls slept. The lunch dishes are still out on the counter, and now I'm letting the girls pig out on snacks and tv while I write this stupid c-r-a-p.

Success: I found a forcefully demanded Elmo band aid that I wasn't sure we actually had! (That really isn't so much of a personal success, but I still felt like a really good mom for producing such a highly desired item.)

Failure: this... writing this. I could be outside playing with my girls and instead I'm ignoring them. Any other mommy bloggers have a regular crisis that they should kick the blog to the curb? (I've decided that being a "quality time-er" is THE WORST. I think I should write a post about it...)

Success: I let Mia paint outside with her feet!

Failure: The genius in me didn't think about the fact that it would get really slippery.

She ended up deciding it was more fun to paint the rocks that were holding the paper down (with a paintbrush of course *cuz your idea sucks Mom*), but now painting rocks is our new thing. You should try it!  

how is she so stinkin' content ALL THE TIME?!
Now if I can nurse the baby, get her changed, convince Mia to potty, pack up the car, and get out the door before Caleb gets off work at this obscenely early hour, we're going to the park! Hoping I can add one more tally to the success column.


  1. The park was a HUGE success! :)

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog, it is great!

    I have that dilemma about blogging a lot. I had to decided and stick to only blogging during nap time a little while ago, although I say this after totally neglecting them the better half of the day yesterday to write a stupid blog post. You win some, you lose some. It is definitely a creative outlet for me that I enjoy so I think that's how I justify it. Stick with it!!