Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Making up for lost summertime

Between the start of football, Mia going back-to-school, and with Labor Day only days away, I can feel fall breathing coolly down my neck. The amphibious family that we are, the success of typical summer is measured by the minutes spent out in the sun or in the water, and I only feel ready for fall when I am sufficiently crispy and waterlogged enough to survive until the next summer. Ordinarily I am more than happy to bid adieu to the scorching temperatures of a southern summer and embrace the season of college colors, cooler weather, and clear blue skies, but this year all I could think was, "Where is my tan, and what happened to my webbed feet?"

From a disappointingly frigid visit to the Arctic Circle, I mean Gulf Coast, in May where long sleeves were the wardrobe standard (modeled below by the lovely Livi, c. 5 months)...
... to the monsoon-like conditions that strong-armed Fourth of July weekend into fun-squashing submission... Or maybe it was the paralyzing reality of having more than one child, or the weeks-long stretch of illness and loss (and more loss)... Whatever the reasons, with mere days to go before the unofficial end to the season, I found myself in a wild panic wondering where in the hell summer went. But as a seasoned veteran of operating under stress, I got myself together and went on a mission to salvage what was left.

Last Thursday I revolted against cooking dinner, and we took Nonnie out to eat and then made a brief stop at the park...

We've spent many a morning "wogging" at Edwin Warner rounded out by a romp at the playground.  

And here was an afternoon ice cream picnic at Parmer, complete with a surprise appearance from Daddy.


We spent Sunday swimming at GieGie and Bob's with Aunt Hannah while the boys readied the woods for hunting...

... and by Monday I remembered that our backyard isn't a terrible place to play either.

The coup de gra'ce to fast-approaching fall was a weeknight trek out to the splash pad in Kingston Springs. Though it did take some effort to convince Caleb to hop aboard the crazy train with me (which at one point declined to "I'm feeling that you're not feeling it, and that's not a good feeling."), he finally conceded. A few miles into the journey I realized that I FREAKING FORGOT MIA'S BATHING SUIT, but after all the coercion it took to get us going, there was no turning back. (Why we didn't just leave her shirt on is beyond me, cuz this time I packed a change of clothes.) But anyways, the adventure was a magnificent success, and even incredulous Caleb had a good time.

bracing for a chill

planning her route
going for it
As the summertime ticker winds down, I think I have managed to squeeze in just enough fun in the sun to redeem my unexpectedly unsatisfying summer. At least we're not as pasty as we were a week ago...


  1. And THIS is why we are friends!

  2. Good for you mama! More than I can say - the heat this week is killing me! Love the new blog look by the way - i've been meaning to tell you that for awhile now! :)