Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Favorites for the grump

Ahhhhhh! Today has been one of THOSE days. Its the day after the day after I stayed up a little too late past my bedtime, and this granny just doesn't bounce back like she used to. This morning I popped out of bed pretty plucky, but I lost momentum fast after one whole load of laundry (still sitting in the dryer) and finally finishing cleaning the floors in the other half of the house. I also decided that it sounded like a great idea to go to Mass this morning, and if its ever possible for it to NOT be a great idea to go to Mass, it was NOT a great idea to go today. We were 10 minutes late because I had ZERO gas (draining the tank to fumes is a really bad habit of mine- I almost got stuck in East Nashville with both girls after dark once) and Mia was terrrrrrrible. In her defense, she was with two of her best little boy friends (boy [space] friends, y'all) who she usually has the pleasure of running around with completely unregulated, so I can see how it was a little confusing to be asked to sit still and not speak to them. But she was still unusually sassy and troublesome. Then after a nice visit from said little boys, Mia didn't want to fall asleep for her nap. In my exhaustion, I was swinging wildly between "MIA JUST HUSH YOUR MOUTH AND LAY DOWN ALREADY! MOMMY'S TIRED AND I JUST. NEED. A. BREAK!!!!" and "Dear Jesus" *little whimper; TEAR* "You know I'm tired and really just want Mia to rest. Please help me to not SMACK HER LITTLE BOTTOM!" Thank goodness He still hears those prayers, cuz it finally occurred to me to let her read, and she fell asleep within minutes.

Annnyways, here are five of my favorite things that melt even this Scroogette's heart.

1. York Peppermint Pattie creamer
I love coffee and have been a habitual chugger for years, but I try to stick to decaf since I have enough natural energy to make the Energizer bunny look like a lazy @$$. I've decided that is the mark of a true coffee fanatic- one who will choke down water with a hint of acidic decaffeinated coffee for the sake of the 'hint'. Besides, I have to put the creamer in SOMEthing. I can't guzzle it from the bottle... can I? A close second is the Almond Joy creamer. Smells like sunscreen, tastes like heaven.

2. Layla's new blog! I am so over the moon excited that she is back in blogging action! Layla is intelligent, clever, and hilarious, and is the mommy of a similarly energetic and untameable 2-year-old girl who just happens to be Mia's BFF. And fer ril... her blog is called "Bourbon and the BVM". Amazing.

3. Suits + Mic Ultra date nights (what can I say... I'm a cheap date)
Admittedly, we watch a lot of nighttime TV at Casa de Temp, since its Caleb's preferred method of relaxation. Most of the time I read while he watches, but lately we've enjoyed having tv "dates." After the kiddos go down, Caleb and I each grab a drink and then we cuddle up on the couch in front of the tube. I've been giddy over Suits in particular lately (its smart, funny, and has good character development), and the Michelob Ultra... well, I always poo-poo'ed Mic Ultra as a sub-par chick beer (heaven forbid I, a woman, drink a chick beer), but somehow a Mic Ultra found its way into our beer drawer and in a desperate moment when I had no other choices, I was forced to drink it. To my pleasant surprise, it was delicious and refreshing. Glug, glug, glug, aah!

4. Our crepe myrtle
Isn't it pretty?! I get so happy when I look outside and see all those gorgeous magenta flowers.
5. This is a punt, but its no less a true favorite... I love Livi's little laugh! She is cracking up at Mia as I type, and there ain't no way I could stay grumpy listening to that angelic sound. 
This happy little kid makes me SO happy
And in case you're wondering, Mia's triggering behavior is flopping off the arm of the couch. She is WILD!!! Think I should wrap this up and take her outside? Done. and done.

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  1. I looooove crepe myrtles! They've been blooming all over the place around here and it makes me so happy :)