Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes

In my current state of grief-induced mush brain, I've had trouble getting motivated to update the blog with anything other than unbridled emotional nonsense, so I'm really thankful for link-ups like this. (In fact, most of today's post is a derivative of my five favorites that never quite made it out of draft mode.) And let's be honest, even on a good week I need directed, numbered lists or themed link-ups to cattle-prod my unimaginative mind into writing. On the crazy days that I dare to bare my soul to the masses three of you, the second I hit the happy orange "Publish" button, every fiber of my being screams "Revert to draft! REVERT TO DRAFT!!!!!"
One of the upsides to all the insanity of late is seeing the amazing outpouring of love we've received from our incredible group of friends. Since much of our usual family support system is out of commission as well, we have really had to rely on our friends to keep us afloat. From bringing us dinner to offering to keep the kids while we attend services; from the beautiful notes of encouragement to the assurance of prayers; from those joining us in our mourning to those offering opportunities for fellowship and distraction... Thanks y'all. It means a lot.
We're going to the lake this weekend and staying 'til Tuesday! I have mixed feelings about it because Caleb and I are already pretty worn down, and traveling with kids is... well, you know... But Caleb is excited to get away, and we'll get to see my dad. And this doesn't look so bad either...

Poor C-Bub can't get in the water since he's still got a crater in his thigh from the MRSA debridement, but I guess that just means more water time for Mama. We get ZERO phone service at the lake, so there will be no blog reading or writing. Though I might go into a vicious withdrawal, I know it'll be great for my marriage, my family, and my sleep. And we're planning a visit to the Birmingham Zoo on Monday while we're around (Anna, can you join us?), and from what I remember, they have the coolest animals! I'm not sure who's more excited, Mia or me.
My lovely friend Liz just started a blog to post photos of her enormously chubby baby. (Click the link. You won't be sorry.) I was the proxy godparent at that little chunky monkey Owen's baptism, and since I did technically promise that I would "help his parents in their duty as Christian parents," I'm gonna go ahead and claim him as my unofficial godson. Besides, Owen's wonderful mommy and daddy are Olivia's for-real godparents.
I've noticed lately that Mia gets alotta shout outs, but Baby Olivia doesn't get quite many because she's, well, a baby, and we all know that babies are actually kinda boring. They're cute... very, very cute... but boring. (It sure as sheezy wasn't Olivia singing "Share it Maybe" to her chocolate chip pancakes.) But Olivia is flying through her milestones right now and getting so much more fun every day. She's legit crawling now, pulling up on everything, and climbing the stairs. She decided that she doesn't completely hate chicken, crackers, apples, or carrots and will stop at nothing to get to the dog or cat.
always quality photos here...
going after Pearl, what else

Two of my best friends just started the first Catholic hybrid school in Nashville! (Cool by association is totally my thing.) This past Wednesday they began a nine day campaign of prayer and fundraising. Please join us in prayer and consider making a small donation to support this unique opportunity in Catholic education.
I'm already starting to have a little rapid breathing action over not being able to mess with this silly blog. I spent WAAAY too much time the other day trying to spruce it up, and I'm still really dissatisfied with the result. I can totally appreciate a good aesthetic, but I fail miserably when its up to me to create it. This sad phenomenon applies to home decorating and clothing style too. I know what looks good and what doesn't, but I can't seem to make it pretty myself. There's a gap somewhere between the idea and the execution. *sigh*

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  1. I think it's impossible to give equal billing to kids when one is a hilarious toddler! They always say and do the funniest things - Olivia will get there eventually and probably steal the spotlight from Mia!