Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Two of the parks we like to visit have no convenient bathrooms. This was a huge issue back in the spring when Mia was potty training until Layla and I met an amazing mommy of three little girls who taught us the "V-sit"or the how-to-let-your-little-girl-pee-outside-without-soaking-her-clothes method. Lemme tell you, it was life changing! So the other day we were at one of those not so kid friendly parks, and Mia told me she had to go potty. We ducked between a sign and a bush, and the second I had Mia in the hold she goes, "I'm poopin'!" NO MIA NO HOLD IT DONT POOP PLEASE NO DONT POOP!!!! "But I'm poopin'. I have to poop." *Mom hangs head* "Ok, that's fine. Go poop." I scooped it up with a baggie just like I would a Harley turd, so no harm, no foul... But I'm seriously going to petition the city for porta potties. This is getting ridiculous!
Ok all you baby led weaning mommies, I have a logistical question: How do you keep your baby clean? I know BLW isn't supposed to be a clean process, but this kid just about needs a bath after every single meal.

I've tried with clothes, naked, naked with bib, clothed with bib... but she ends up soaked and sticky no matter what. What's the best way to do this ladies?
I had pancakes doused in syrup this morning thanks to my sweet friend. I was sure that I was gonna be seriously hurting on my run, but actually it was great! I had tons of energy and didn't cramp at all. Who knew the secret to busting the running rut was excessive amounts of sugar?
Mia has slept through the night three out of the last four nights!!! This is a huge big deal because she hasn't done that since mid-March! I have no rational explanation for what's different this week, but I won't over analyze. Maybe God just wanted to cut us a break somewhere.
Mia independently chose to wear pigtails today... brought me the rubber bands and everything. Gravity check...

It seems like every several hours there's a new twist to the Templeton family week of insanity. This morning's gem: Caleb has to get an abscess on his leg lanced. Doesn't that sound like fun?!
Mia has been putting her princesses in time out for "snatching". She says, "you were unkind to your neighbor. Your consequence is time out." So, she totally gets it, she just has zero self control. Awesome. You're definitely my child.

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  1. My husband and I couldn't feed our toddler ANYTHING with out the need for all of us to take baths but when he was at daycare, he was always squeaky clean at the end of the day. Figuring that he was being fed (he was) I asked the secret. She said that she uses large t-shirts plus bibs over the clothing. I tried it the other day when the toddler insisted on eating yogurt in the car and it worked really well. The outside shirt got dirty but he was fairly clean (until he dumped a cup of water on himself).