Saturday, August 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes... Saturday?

Linking up with Jen over at Conversion Diary a day late and one take short.
I just could not get my act together to get this posted on time. After a decent day Thursday, the poo hit the high-speed fan again yesterday, as Mia was bound and fiercely determined to send me straight to the nut house by about 8 AM. We escaped to Target to do some returns (see #4), and she was shockingly satisfied to merely touch (but not purchase a single one of) the 2 million toys in the toy aisles. I cherish her nap time, but the truck loads of energy Mia conserves and replenishes while sleeping gets violently expelled into the space called mid-afternoon, and by 3:00 every day I HAVE to get out to the house. We were juuuust about to load up the car to go blow off some steam at the park, when "...the clouds opened up and God said, 'I hate you Jen Temp.'" (j/k, but rain? really? just then?) Thankfully the cavalry called Caleb rolled in not long after, and he and Mia played a rowdy game of "Scruffy Vomit," which has something to do with the Scruffy Varmint from Listen Buddy and also involves a lot of running.
While we're on the topic of Mia quotes and mispronunciations, here are a few more that had me rolling...

After playing outside, Mia ran into her room to potty and came out wearing nothing but a smile. She then ran into the hall bathroom and proceeded to turn on the water in the tub.
Mama: Mia! Why are you naked?
Mia: I just need to wash my hands.

Mia explaining Livi's reaction to her insane totally normal behavior:
"Olivia's like 'WHAAT?!'"
(Do I really say things like that?)

Watching me rub my eyes:
-"Mom, what are you doing?"
-"I'm rubbing my eyes."
-"You look like eczema."
-"I look like what?!"
-"You look like eczema. On Kronk."
-"Ohhhh, Yzma! From The Emperor's New Groove!"
(she was probably thinking of this scene)

When I turned down one of her sweet treats (see #3):
-"Are you going to drink your supper tonight?"
(Referring to my response last Friday when I passed on a scrumptious peanut butter and chocolate cookie in order to consume my calories in the form of rum and tequila)
I am disinclined to do anything other than the bare minimum in the kitchen, but after the challenging start to the day yesterday, I needed a little boost to my mom ego. So I helped Mia make these Rolo-Pretzel Sandwiches:
Step 1: lay out mini pretzels in a single layer on a plate
Step 2: top each pretzel with a mini Rolo
 Step 3: add another pretzel on top of each Rolo to make a sandwich
Step 4: microwave for 20-30 seconds
Step 5: smoosh top pretzel down (with fork or fingers) til the chocolate oozes

Caleb's mom watched the girls on Thursday while I went shopping, and it was a complete bomb. Being petite is not my most favorite-ist quality these days. (I mean, really, who in the heck has to have ankle pants hemmed?) As the LOFT aptly clarified, "You might be petite if you visit your tailor more often than your parents." (Did I just get called out?) Time to become a big girl and upgrade to stores with an actual petites section. Hasta luego, Targe'. I do have the most fabulous tailor on the planet, though. "NG" is an itty, bitty Vietnamese woman who has +/- two teeth in her head, and even after almost 40 years in the US still speaks unintelligible English. NG altered clothes for Caleb's grandmother and mother before me, and Caleb used to wail in fear in her presence. Since she goes to our church, he finally had to man up and learn to keep it together. Despite the fear factor (totally in his head- NG is wonderful!), she does incredible things with a needle and thread and is the most loving, faithful woman I have ever encountered.
I'm wearing a black dress to my SIL's wedding shower today. Its chiffon with flowers, so I think I can get away with it. And I softened it up with pearls and cream shoes, but I hope I don't look like I'm mourning the death of her life as a single gal. (Chiffon and flowers is usually NOT my thing but black is always my thing, so the combo totally works. I might have just found THE LBD for me! Too bad its Kristi's...)
I'm a slow learner these days. Olivia sprung a leak at the park the other day, but I still hadn't (and still haven't) put an extra onesie in the diaper bag. *Fer ril Mom?!*
I gots nuthin'...

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  1. I am straight up cackling at "Are you going to drink your supper?" For real LOLs.

    And you win at being Fun Mom with the toddler-assembled sweet treats. I'm (always) so impressed.