Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes- 9 month photo bomb

It's a Friday... I love lists... 7QT's it is.

1. Olivia turned 9 months today! I was going to post her birth story, and I will eventually, but for now I'll stick to my bullet points. Olivia is 25 1/2" and 16 lbs, 5 oz, which is half an inch shorter but 2 pounds heavier than Mia was at this age. Oops... I should know better than to compare the girls.

2. After her appointment we went to the park to take some pictures. I'm really not sure what got into me, but I like the results. (Sorry Facebook friends; there are some repeats.)

the only picture I could get of the girls together

au naturale

I love this one... I think its the bare feet

3. I took Mia for her school preview day on Wednesday, and now she's flippin' sick! Isn't she supposed to have better immunity by now since she's been going for 5 months? Its nothing serious- just a cold, I think. But she has a low grade fever and obviously feels crappy enough to have a total come-apart and then PEE ALL OVER ME.

4. When in the beeping bleep am I going to learn that silence=disaster when dealing with small kids. Long story short- when I came into the playroom after my shower I found that Mia had COMPLETELY colored both legs a lovely shade of fuchsia. Another time it was an entire salt shaker dumped on the dining room table, and when Olivia is quiet it usually means she is playing in the cat food. Thank goodness her pica preference is for paper, leaves, and rocks, and nothing with the word "food" in it.

5. Anyone else ever put an empty sippy cup in the fridge just so you don't have to wash it? Cuz I do- every day.

6. Caleb found this Japanese IQ test in some old emails, and it is my absolute favorite brain teaser! I could play for hours, and even though I know the solution, I still have to think about it each time.

7. I'm thinking about buying a new baby carrier because I really want to be able to do a back carry. I found instructions for a back carry with the Moby, which I already have, but I've heard you shouldn't do a back carry with a stretchy wrap... I don't know. I'm really torn between just using the Moby or getting an ERGO, K'tan, or Mei Tai. Thoughts?

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  1. I LOVE MY ERGO!!! I have two Ergos and two Mei Tais and I layer the Ergos now that the twins are bigger and it's aaaawesome and a back carry barely feels like anything. Ergo Ergo Ergo!!!

  2. Daisy's six month stats: 27 in., 18 lbs. 3 oz. I told you she looked like a hoss next to Olivia.

    And hells yes to the empty cup in the fridge trick. This is why we're friends.

    If you want to test drive my Ergo, let me know. I back-carried RM in it in Chattanooga and LOVED it.

  3. If you haven't already got a carrier, get a Beco!!! Cheaper than an Ergo, just as good of quality AND you can wear baby forward facing, towards, or on your back. So great. And the head support for a sleeping baby is better than the Ergo's.

    And I still haven't learned that silence is awful. Stupid mama.