Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes- 9 month photo bomb

It's a Friday... I love lists... 7QT's it is.

1. Olivia turned 9 months today! I was going to post her birth story, and I will eventually, but for now I'll stick to my bullet points. Olivia is 25 1/2" and 16 lbs, 5 oz, which is half an inch shorter but 2 pounds heavier than Mia was at this age. Oops... I should know better than to compare the girls.

2. After her appointment we went to the park to take some pictures. I'm really not sure what got into me, but I like the results. (Sorry Facebook friends; there are some repeats.)

the only picture I could get of the girls together

au naturale

I love this one... I think its the bare feet

3. I took Mia for her school preview day on Wednesday, and now she's flippin' sick! Isn't she supposed to have better immunity by now since she's been going for 5 months? Its nothing serious- just a cold, I think. But she has a low grade fever and obviously feels crappy enough to have a total come-apart and then PEE ALL OVER ME.

4. When in the beeping bleep am I going to learn that silence=disaster when dealing with small kids. Long story short- when I came into the playroom after my shower I found that Mia had COMPLETELY colored both legs a lovely shade of fuchsia. Another time it was an entire salt shaker dumped on the dining room table, and when Olivia is quiet it usually means she is playing in the cat food. Thank goodness her pica preference is for paper, leaves, and rocks, and nothing with the word "food" in it.

5. Anyone else ever put an empty sippy cup in the fridge just so you don't have to wash it? Cuz I do- every day.

6. Caleb found this Japanese IQ test in some old emails, and it is my absolute favorite brain teaser! I could play for hours, and even though I know the solution, I still have to think about it each time.

7. I'm thinking about buying a new baby carrier because I really want to be able to do a back carry. I found instructions for a back carry with the Moby, which I already have, but I've heard you shouldn't do a back carry with a stretchy wrap... I don't know. I'm really torn between just using the Moby or getting an ERGO, K'tan, or Mei Tai. Thoughts?

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Theme Thursday- Shadow

I'm a virgin linker to Clan Donaldson's Theme Thursday, but I love this picture and it fit the theme, so why not?
This was taken with my very up-to-date (3Gs) iPhone camera. I love the contrast of light and shadow, and the energy in Mia's posture says it all. (Backstory here.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Making up for lost summertime

Between the start of football, Mia going back-to-school, and with Labor Day only days away, I can feel fall breathing coolly down my neck. The amphibious family that we are, the success of typical summer is measured by the minutes spent out in the sun or in the water, and I only feel ready for fall when I am sufficiently crispy and waterlogged enough to survive until the next summer. Ordinarily I am more than happy to bid adieu to the scorching temperatures of a southern summer and embrace the season of college colors, cooler weather, and clear blue skies, but this year all I could think was, "Where is my tan, and what happened to my webbed feet?"

From a disappointingly frigid visit to the Arctic Circle, I mean Gulf Coast, in May where long sleeves were the wardrobe standard (modeled below by the lovely Livi, c. 5 months)...
... to the monsoon-like conditions that strong-armed Fourth of July weekend into fun-squashing submission... Or maybe it was the paralyzing reality of having more than one child, or the weeks-long stretch of illness and loss (and more loss)... Whatever the reasons, with mere days to go before the unofficial end to the season, I found myself in a wild panic wondering where in the hell summer went. But as a seasoned veteran of operating under stress, I got myself together and went on a mission to salvage what was left.

Last Thursday I revolted against cooking dinner, and we took Nonnie out to eat and then made a brief stop at the park...

We've spent many a morning "wogging" at Edwin Warner rounded out by a romp at the playground.  

And here was an afternoon ice cream picnic at Parmer, complete with a surprise appearance from Daddy.


We spent Sunday swimming at GieGie and Bob's with Aunt Hannah while the boys readied the woods for hunting...

... and by Monday I remembered that our backyard isn't a terrible place to play either.

The coup de gra'ce to fast-approaching fall was a weeknight trek out to the splash pad in Kingston Springs. Though it did take some effort to convince Caleb to hop aboard the crazy train with me (which at one point declined to "I'm feeling that you're not feeling it, and that's not a good feeling."), he finally conceded. A few miles into the journey I realized that I FREAKING FORGOT MIA'S BATHING SUIT, but after all the coercion it took to get us going, there was no turning back. (Why we didn't just leave her shirt on is beyond me, cuz this time I packed a change of clothes.) But anyways, the adventure was a magnificent success, and even incredulous Caleb had a good time.

bracing for a chill

planning her route
going for it
As the summertime ticker winds down, I think I have managed to squeeze in just enough fun in the sun to redeem my unexpectedly unsatisfying summer. At least we're not as pasty as we were a week ago...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes... Saturday?

Linking up with Jen over at Conversion Diary a day late and one take short.
I just could not get my act together to get this posted on time. After a decent day Thursday, the poo hit the high-speed fan again yesterday, as Mia was bound and fiercely determined to send me straight to the nut house by about 8 AM. We escaped to Target to do some returns (see #4), and she was shockingly satisfied to merely touch (but not purchase a single one of) the 2 million toys in the toy aisles. I cherish her nap time, but the truck loads of energy Mia conserves and replenishes while sleeping gets violently expelled into the space called mid-afternoon, and by 3:00 every day I HAVE to get out to the house. We were juuuust about to load up the car to go blow off some steam at the park, when "...the clouds opened up and God said, 'I hate you Jen Temp.'" (j/k, but rain? really? just then?) Thankfully the cavalry called Caleb rolled in not long after, and he and Mia played a rowdy game of "Scruffy Vomit," which has something to do with the Scruffy Varmint from Listen Buddy and also involves a lot of running.
While we're on the topic of Mia quotes and mispronunciations, here are a few more that had me rolling...

After playing outside, Mia ran into her room to potty and came out wearing nothing but a smile. She then ran into the hall bathroom and proceeded to turn on the water in the tub.
Mama: Mia! Why are you naked?
Mia: I just need to wash my hands.

Mia explaining Livi's reaction to her insane totally normal behavior:
"Olivia's like 'WHAAT?!'"
(Do I really say things like that?)

Watching me rub my eyes:
-"Mom, what are you doing?"
-"I'm rubbing my eyes."
-"You look like eczema."
-"I look like what?!"
-"You look like eczema. On Kronk."
-"Ohhhh, Yzma! From The Emperor's New Groove!"
(she was probably thinking of this scene)

When I turned down one of her sweet treats (see #3):
-"Are you going to drink your supper tonight?"
(Referring to my response last Friday when I passed on a scrumptious peanut butter and chocolate cookie in order to consume my calories in the form of rum and tequila)
I am disinclined to do anything other than the bare minimum in the kitchen, but after the challenging start to the day yesterday, I needed a little boost to my mom ego. So I helped Mia make these Rolo-Pretzel Sandwiches:
Step 1: lay out mini pretzels in a single layer on a plate
Step 2: top each pretzel with a mini Rolo
 Step 3: add another pretzel on top of each Rolo to make a sandwich
Step 4: microwave for 20-30 seconds
Step 5: smoosh top pretzel down (with fork or fingers) til the chocolate oozes

Caleb's mom watched the girls on Thursday while I went shopping, and it was a complete bomb. Being petite is not my most favorite-ist quality these days. (I mean, really, who in the heck has to have ankle pants hemmed?) As the LOFT aptly clarified, "You might be petite if you visit your tailor more often than your parents." (Did I just get called out?) Time to become a big girl and upgrade to stores with an actual petites section. Hasta luego, Targe'. I do have the most fabulous tailor on the planet, though. "NG" is an itty, bitty Vietnamese woman who has +/- two teeth in her head, and even after almost 40 years in the US still speaks unintelligible English. NG altered clothes for Caleb's grandmother and mother before me, and Caleb used to wail in fear in her presence. Since she goes to our church, he finally had to man up and learn to keep it together. Despite the fear factor (totally in his head- NG is wonderful!), she does incredible things with a needle and thread and is the most loving, faithful woman I have ever encountered.
I'm wearing a black dress to my SIL's wedding shower today. Its chiffon with flowers, so I think I can get away with it. And I softened it up with pearls and cream shoes, but I hope I don't look like I'm mourning the death of her life as a single gal. (Chiffon and flowers is usually NOT my thing but black is always my thing, so the combo totally works. I might have just found THE LBD for me! Too bad its Kristi's...)
I'm a slow learner these days. Olivia sprung a leak at the park the other day, but I still hadn't (and still haven't) put an extra onesie in the diaper bag. *Fer ril Mom?!*
I gots nuthin'...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Favorites for the grump

Ahhhhhh! Today has been one of THOSE days. Its the day after the day after I stayed up a little too late past my bedtime, and this granny just doesn't bounce back like she used to. This morning I popped out of bed pretty plucky, but I lost momentum fast after one whole load of laundry (still sitting in the dryer) and finally finishing cleaning the floors in the other half of the house. I also decided that it sounded like a great idea to go to Mass this morning, and if its ever possible for it to NOT be a great idea to go to Mass, it was NOT a great idea to go today. We were 10 minutes late because I had ZERO gas (draining the tank to fumes is a really bad habit of mine- I almost got stuck in East Nashville with both girls after dark once) and Mia was terrrrrrrible. In her defense, she was with two of her best little boy friends (boy [space] friends, y'all) who she usually has the pleasure of running around with completely unregulated, so I can see how it was a little confusing to be asked to sit still and not speak to them. But she was still unusually sassy and troublesome. Then after a nice visit from said little boys, Mia didn't want to fall asleep for her nap. In my exhaustion, I was swinging wildly between "MIA JUST HUSH YOUR MOUTH AND LAY DOWN ALREADY! MOMMY'S TIRED AND I JUST. NEED. A. BREAK!!!!" and "Dear Jesus" *little whimper; TEAR* "You know I'm tired and really just want Mia to rest. Please help me to not SMACK HER LITTLE BOTTOM!" Thank goodness He still hears those prayers, cuz it finally occurred to me to let her read, and she fell asleep within minutes.

Annnyways, here are five of my favorite things that melt even this Scroogette's heart.

1. York Peppermint Pattie creamer
I love coffee and have been a habitual chugger for years, but I try to stick to decaf since I have enough natural energy to make the Energizer bunny look like a lazy @$$. I've decided that is the mark of a true coffee fanatic- one who will choke down water with a hint of acidic decaffeinated coffee for the sake of the 'hint'. Besides, I have to put the creamer in SOMEthing. I can't guzzle it from the bottle... can I? A close second is the Almond Joy creamer. Smells like sunscreen, tastes like heaven.

2. Layla's new blog! I am so over the moon excited that she is back in blogging action! Layla is intelligent, clever, and hilarious, and is the mommy of a similarly energetic and untameable 2-year-old girl who just happens to be Mia's BFF. And fer ril... her blog is called "Bourbon and the BVM". Amazing.

3. Suits + Mic Ultra date nights (what can I say... I'm a cheap date)
Admittedly, we watch a lot of nighttime TV at Casa de Temp, since its Caleb's preferred method of relaxation. Most of the time I read while he watches, but lately we've enjoyed having tv "dates." After the kiddos go down, Caleb and I each grab a drink and then we cuddle up on the couch in front of the tube. I've been giddy over Suits in particular lately (its smart, funny, and has good character development), and the Michelob Ultra... well, I always poo-poo'ed Mic Ultra as a sub-par chick beer (heaven forbid I, a woman, drink a chick beer), but somehow a Mic Ultra found its way into our beer drawer and in a desperate moment when I had no other choices, I was forced to drink it. To my pleasant surprise, it was delicious and refreshing. Glug, glug, glug, aah!

4. Our crepe myrtle
Isn't it pretty?! I get so happy when I look outside and see all those gorgeous magenta flowers.
5. This is a punt, but its no less a true favorite... I love Livi's little laugh! She is cracking up at Mia as I type, and there ain't no way I could stay grumpy listening to that angelic sound. 
This happy little kid makes me SO happy
And in case you're wondering, Mia's triggering behavior is flopping off the arm of the couch. She is WILD!!! Think I should wrap this up and take her outside? Done. and done.

For more Five Favorites fun, head on over to Hallie's.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Successes! (And failures...)

Success: All before 10:30 this morning I: fed the girls, fed myself, got the 3 of us dressed, took a run, took a shower, and vacuumed the back half of the house! (I set that bar in the sky, yeah?)
Good lookin' outfit Mia.
You and Cecilia should have a style-off.
Failure: decided that my early success allowed for complete laziness thereafter. We did early lunch, early naps, and I did absolutely nothing productive while the girls slept. The lunch dishes are still out on the counter, and now I'm letting the girls pig out on snacks and tv while I write this stupid c-r-a-p.

Success: I found a forcefully demanded Elmo band aid that I wasn't sure we actually had! (That really isn't so much of a personal success, but I still felt like a really good mom for producing such a highly desired item.)

Failure: this... writing this. I could be outside playing with my girls and instead I'm ignoring them. Any other mommy bloggers have a regular crisis that they should kick the blog to the curb? (I've decided that being a "quality time-er" is THE WORST. I think I should write a post about it...)

Success: I let Mia paint outside with her feet!

Failure: The genius in me didn't think about the fact that it would get really slippery.

She ended up deciding it was more fun to paint the rocks that were holding the paper down (with a paintbrush of course *cuz your idea sucks Mom*), but now painting rocks is our new thing. You should try it!  

how is she so stinkin' content ALL THE TIME?!
Now if I can nurse the baby, get her changed, convince Mia to potty, pack up the car, and get out the door before Caleb gets off work at this obscenely early hour, we're going to the park! Hoping I can add one more tally to the success column.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five days at the lake and this is what we have to show for it

Even though there's no such thing as a family "vacation" when you have small children, this was a great trip. Now for the highlights:
Playing with Poppee

 Fishing with Daddy

 Chilling with Mama 

 Playing with fish and "wums"

"I'm gonna call him Mia the fish"
Grandma made an appearance!
"I'm gonna call him Mia the 'wum'"
"Touch him Mommy, its ok. He's just a slimy wum"

Riding in the boat
"Faster! Faster!"

Visiting the B'ham zoo
checking out flamingos with Mary Evelyn
"Dad, I can see his butt crack"
sweet little Rose got stuck riding the camel
with Poppee when Mia chickened out
lovin' the train

Lunch with Anna
double-fisting redefined

(In all of this, d'ya know what's not pictured? Mom slaloming for the first time in 4 years. Hrmph! We also missed out on pictures with Mimi and Bebe (my godparents) and Aunt Lucy)