Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We have a sweet little girl

It just hit me today how sweet Mia really is. I feel like I spend so much time and energy reprimanding her that I don't really notice what she's like in between time outs. But today I noticed.

Mia woke up super early this morning, so I asked Caleb to bring her into bed with me. She read an American Girl doll magazine while I dozed, but at one point I remember feeling her little hands on my face. I don't know why she was touching me, but she was being so tender and loving.

Later this morning the girls were playing, and I ran to the potty or something. When I came back, Olivia was crying, but before I could even ask what happened, Mia said, "I was teaching her how to be gentle with Hawley." She went on to tell me that she was trying to get Olivia to sit in her lap so she could show her how to pat the dog sweetly. *Mom goes mushy* Mia still needs to work on being more gentle with Olivia, but her actions were motivated by such kindness toward her sister!
And the baby dolls. Oh, the baby dolls! I think we have about 15, and that's even after donating some. Mia LOVES them! As on most days, she played with her babies almost all day today. She gives them bottles, nurses them, changes them, reads to them, "doctors" them, swaddles them. And she tells me, "I'm the mommy and you're... the... GRANDMA!" She is so loving to her babies.
There are a hundred more sweet, precious things that I appreciated today-- like hearing Mia giggle when Olivia kept grabbing the pages of the book at naptime; or seeing her blow raspberries on Livi's tummy while they were playing in the bed. I don't anticipate needing to do any less disciplining just yet, but I hope that at least now I will see past the her terrible two's and enjoy my first little friend.
This thing, this crazy little thing, gives the sweetest kisses
 and the greatest squeezy hugs!

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