Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Funday

This is a rough time for the Templeton family, and I don't just mean our immediate family. If your name is Templeton, ever was Templeton, or if you're related to someone named Templeton, run for the hills, find a cave to live in, and don't come out until you get the all clear. I could type out the details, but whenever I try to express anything of substance, I turn into an inarticulate, bumbling idiot. So to spare you all that mess, I'm sticking to a surface-level scratching of what we did Sunday.

Our usual post-Mass Bruegger's breakfast with Pawpaw and Tutu.

Then out to Leiper's Fork for lunch at Puckett's before a little chill time at GieGie and Bob's country oasis.

Pee Wee? or Wee Pee?

Weston loooves the "seyseys"

Nonnie getting some "seysey" love
RayBob getting some Roscoe love :)

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