Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

This is my first 7 Quick Takes post. Hooray!
Batten down the hatches New Orleans; here we come! Caleb's cousin is getting married this weekend, so we're hopping on a plane and heading to the Big Easy to join in the fun. Miss Olivia is coming with us, but Mia gets to stay behind with Caleb's mom. (Thanks, Nonnie!!!) I know we're gonna miss Mia like crazy, but she probably won't miss us at all since Nonnie is taking her to the aquarium. Adios mom 'n dad!
For past two months I have been trying to find a babysitter for Olivia during the wedding and reception. With a week to go and no leads (ok, so maybe I wasn't trying that hard), I asked Kristi for help. After a few quick emails, she had a list of three worthy candidates. One kinda awkward phone call later [Hi... uhm, I got your name from Emily... uhm...], we're all set! Lifesaver!
Thanks to the saggy skin left behind on my tummy after Olivia's 9 month camp out in my womb, I'll be rockin some Spanx on Saturday night. Spanx... in New Orleans... in July. I'm sweating just thinking about it. drip... drip... 
"Maid Steals Beer". Look it up on YouTube. Or actually don't. Its kinda raunchy, and I can't promote something like that. (Sidenote: I did not make the video.) But if you were to check it out, you would get a glimpse of the Templeton family housekeeper up to her usual antics. Caleb's grandparents very generously let her come clean over here when they're out of town, and we're so grateful. She is a pleasant woman, very thorough, and she loves my kids. But she also has this tiny little habit of hittin' the booze (our booze) on the job. The family knows shes does it, but since she's sweet and good at her job, they just "lock up the good stuff" on days she's around. But when you're on a budget like we are, every drop of alcohol in the house is considered the "good stuff," and every drop missing gets noticed. Especially Caleb's highly prized Blanton's bourbon. Can you hear the expletives?
--- 5 ---
Olivia just discovered her tongue, so she does this all the time. I can't get enough!

She also figured how to go from laying to sitting. And she loves the sippy cup! Finally something other than a boob that she doesn't find repulsive.
About three weeks ago we started saying a decade of the rosary with the girls before bed. It's been going surprisingly well.
I just found out my dad is reading the blog! Warms my heart to the core! Thanks Pops!

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